Café Express Reopens its Doors


Amisha Subedi

Nutrition Services Staff member Naj Chatman unlocks the doors to the café.

The Café Express reopened on Nov. 7 at 1 pm.

Nutrition Services Staff member Rania Hijazeen said the café will start opening during non-lunch mods.

“After we close the cafeteria, we open the café,” Hijazeen said. “It will be open at 1 o’clock Monday.”

Hijazeen said the decision was made due to an increase in staff.

“It was decided by everyone because we have enough workers now,” Hijazeen said.

Despite the opening of the café creating extra stress for Nutrition Services staff, Hijazeen said she is excited to open back up for students.

“We want to open it because you guys miss it so much, and we want to do that for you guys,” Hijazeen said. “I know it’s going to put extra work on other people, and it’s a lot of extra work on us, but we want to do it for you guys.”

The opening of the café will allow students without lunch mods to quickly grab food, and Hijazeen said it will reduce food waste as well.

“We know a lot of kids don’t have open mods to come and eat, so the leftover food is going to go there so they can have a chance to eat, and at the same time we don’t waste food,” Hijazeen said. “We’re trying to bring new stuff to make it better for you guys so you can have the ultimate experience, especially seniors that are graduating now, too.”

Hijazeen said low staffing numbers will not stop Nutrition Services from providing their best.

“We only have nine workers in all running the kitchen,” Hijazeen said. “So this is how intense it is and how [short-staffed] we are, but for you guys we will do our best to give you the best experience, here in the cafeteria or in the café.” 

Naj Chatman, another Nutrition Services staffer who will be running the café, said she is excited to provide the café experience for underclassmen.

“The freshmen haven’t had that experience yet, so they deserve to have that experience,” Chatman said.

Chatman said she is ready to start working again in the café.

“I’m excited to get back down there and see all [your] faces,” Chatman said. “We miss you!”