Preview: Girls Golf Prepares for Tough Norfolk Tournament

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Preview: Girls Golf Prepares for Tough Norfolk Tournament

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On Thursday September 13, 2018, the girls golf team will travel to Norfolk, Nebraska, for the Norfolk Country Club tournament. This is their fifth tournament of the season, and the team, led by head coach Barry Glanzer, hopes to continue a hot streak.

“Out of the four tournaments, we’ve got three second [place finishes],” Glanzer said.

The team is headlined by lots of youth with two freshman, two sophomores, and a senior. Glanzer said that this youth brings a lack of consistency.

“Our biggest thing is consistency,” Glanzer said. “We’re getting consistency out of Kaitlyn [Hanna] and Lili [Fogland] has been up and down but the biggest thing to win in the [tournaments] that were going into is consistency.”

Glanzer said that said one of the team’s freshman, Claire Bonnett, has lots of potential and will continue to develop more consistency with more experience.

“They just need to keep getting more experience,” Glanzer said. “Claire Bonnett just keeps getting better, she’s young and she’s only played four 18-hole tournaments. She could be really good.”

Glanzer said he believes that the team’s other freshman, Kaitlyn Hanna, could step up big in this tournament and cement herself as one of the state’s top talents.

“I’d like to see Kaitlyn [Hanna] really step up,” Glanzer said. “She hasn’t got to play head to head with probably the best player in state right now [Kate Strickland]. She won the junior meet and she’s also a freshman from Lincoln Southwest, we’d like to see them play together.”

Glanzer believes that this meet will be a big challenge for the team, as it is a very tough course with strong competition. He said he is also excited for this meet, since it is on the same course as the state meet.

“It’s nice to play where the state tournament is, plus the field is the best,” Glanzer said. “Of all the teams that are there, almost all of them are going to be making it to state tournament. It will be a real good test for us and it’s on one of the toughest courses.”


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