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With COVID-19 case numbers rising across Nebraska, Westside administration explains their contact-tracing procedure.
Inside Westside's Contact-Tracing Procedure
Dan Magruder, Wired Staff Writer • November 23, 2020

With COVID-19 numbers rapidly increasing in Nebraska and across the nation, contact tracing plays a crucial role in stopping the spread. When students at Westside High School become infected with COVID-19, close contacts to the infected are notified of...

Earlier this week, the Westside High School
Westside High School's Pool Heater Breaks
Aubrey LeClair, Wired Staff Writer • November 19, 2020
Series Review (With Spoilers): “The Mandalorian: Season 2, Episode 5”
Series Review (With Spoilers): “The Mandalorian: Season 2, Episode 5”
Brandon Siedlik, Wired Staff Writer • November 27, 2020

“Chapter 13 - The Jedi” was written and directed by Dave Filoni. Still following the information given to them by Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff),...

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