Red Cross Hosts Blood Drive at Westside High School


Sarah Rizwan

Over 100 hundred students and staff donated their blood at the blood drive.

On Thursday, Oct. 27, the Red Cross hosted its annual blood drive at Westside High School. 

Westside High School has been hosting blood drives in collaboration with the Red Cross for over ten years. The Red Cross also offers a scholarship depending on the number of pints of blood collected. 

Teri Vitallo, one of the organizers of the drive, said the goal of the drive was to introduce donating blood to teens and make the experience something exciting. 

“Since over 20% of blood donated comes from highschools and colleges, we try really hard to encourage those young donors to start donating and make it a normal cycle of their life, because they’re the healthiest and not typically on a lot of medications that may deter them from donating,” Vitallo said.

To be eligible to donate, all that was required was a form of identification, to be over the age of sixteen, and to be feeling well. Vitallo said that more people should donate blood because of its high demand. 

“No pharmaceutical companies can make blood and so it’s important to have available donors to meet others’ needs,” Vitallo said. “One donation can help three lives and all we really ask for is your time and your blood.”

Over one hundred students donated blood, including junior Kaitlyn Atchinson.

“I was really nervous going in since it was my first time, but it was not as painful as I expected it to be,” Atchinson said. “My arm just feels a little sore. I felt really good about it after since I know my blood is going to help someone in need.”