Unified Bowling Places Second in District Finals


Image Courtesy of Westside Community Schools Twitter

Member of the Unified Bowling team at districts celebrate their second place finish.

Westside’s Unified Bowling team placed second in the district finals this year. The team has participated in competitions for five years, and gives the opportunity for bowlers of different abilities to participate in a school sport.

Freshman Zachary Kastrick is a Unified Partner on the bowling team. He said that he believes that the team will go to districts again, and will hopefully even take state in the future.

“The bowlers clearly want to make progress, and [they] continue to win and do better each year,” Kastrick said. “If the Unified Bowling group is able to unite everyone together and continue [their] success, [that] would be absolutely amazing. I definitely believe the group can win districts in the future, and even make it to the state level.”

Not only was placing second in districts a big accomplishment for the program, but the Kastrick said the thing he enjoys the most is having a good time bowling with others. 

“I joined Unified Bowling for one reason, and that [was] to help the Unified [Athletes] to have fun and make them the best [people] they can [be],” Kastrick said. “This is all about them, and it feels beyond amazing to see them have fun and feel the satisfaction of winning.”

I joined Unified Bowling for one reason, and that [was] to help the Unified [Athletes] to have fun and make them the best [people] they can [be].”

— Zachary Kastrick

Melissa Lingerfelt is the leader of the Unified Bowling program. Lingerfelt said that the organization is a great way to help the Unified Partners and Athletes socialize and participate in athletic events.

“I mostly love the impact it has on Unified Partners, because they can get to know and build lasting friendships with students who they don’t necessarily see a lot during the day at school,” Lingerfelt said. “Sports [and] activities create a culture of inclusion that is harder to achieve just by being in class with students of different ability levels”

Four bowlers from the team were chosen to represent Westside at districts.

“I was so excited at how well we finished,” Lingerfelt said. “We had an awesome team this year and it was big, so choosing one team of four bowlers to go to districts was a challenge. They made me very proud.”