Westside Girls Golf Hosts Second Annual Warrior Girls Golf Camp


Ainsley Meyerson

Westside’s girls golf is hosting their second annual warrior girls golf camp the first Saturday in May.

The Westside girls golf program will be hosting a girls golf camp for girls grades 2-8 on Saturday, May 2. The camp will be at Miracle Hills Golf Course and cost $50 per participant. Any and all girls who are interested in learning more about the sport, to join the Westside girls golf team in the future, or just for fun are encouraged to join. 

Westside sophomore Kaitlyn Hanna, a member of Westside’s girls varsity golf team, shared some details as to what the camp will involve.

“[The campers] go to the driving range to different irons and drivers there, and then we take them over to the putting range and teach them some simple putting techniques,” Hanna said. “Last year we had a cool little dinosaur inflatable that the kids got to hit golf balls into.”

Hanna said that in addition to the girls golf team at Westside, some pro golfers were invited to help out with instructing at the camp.

“We try to get the whole golf team to help out, but we also have some pros coming in and teaching, too,” Hanna said. “[One of the pros is] Phil Palmer, the head of the golf program at Miracle Hills.”

Hanna said that the fee each participant pays will go towards funds for the girls golf program at Westside.

“The money goes to helping us get the right materials for us to be successful,” Hanna said. [We will use the money for] when we’re traveling out of town to be able to go have some fun, [and] also to make sure the future golf team at Westside has enough money to get new clubs and that sort of thing.”

Hanna said that she enjoys the camp and what it allows her to do for the community. 

“I’m super excited to be able to give back to the community like this, and to grow the game in the area.” Hanna said. 

Oakdale fifth grader Chloe DiPrima has attended previous golf camps through Westside and plans to participate in this camp as well. DiPrima said that she is excited to see the competition between players.

“I’m excited for the competitions that we’re going to have there,” DiPrima said. 

DiPrima said that she hopes to improve her golf performance through the camp.

“[I want to learn how to have] a better backswing, because they had the backswing simulators there last time and mine can get a little rough,” DiPrima said. “It would be cool to get more accurate putts, too.”

To sign up for the camp, you must fill out the registration on the poster and mail with the payment to 1101 S. 90th St., Omaha NE, 68124. For more information you can contact them at [email protected] or at 402-690-8809.