Student Council Hosts Annual Mr. WHS Pageant

Westside High School’s annual male beauty pageant, Mr. WHS, hosted by Student Council, will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 13, at  7 p.m. in the main auditorium. Tickets for the event are priced at $5 per person. Student Council sponsor and math instructor Kathlene Groth said that the proceeds from Mr. WHS go towards the Make A Wish foundation and the program is a fun take on a beauty pageant. This year, there are eight contestants, all junior and senior boys. 

“We have had a few rehearsals because we wanted it to not be a trainwreck,” Groth said. “The guys that we have going out for it this year are just hilarious, you just can’t beat that group of students between red shield, and show choir and the band participants.” 

Zev Gordman
Featured here are the contestants in this year’s Mr. WHS pageant. They include seniors Micheal Finan, Dylan Folda, Thomas Lundin and Bryson Wood. The juniors participating include Zach Goldner, John Goodwin, Jack Moseman and Paul Suder.

Groth said that Mr. WHS has had a history at the high school.

“We had found some old things when we cleaned out the student council closet that indicated it’s been around for at least 10-15 years,” said Groth. 

Senior Bryson Wood is a participant in the pageant this year. He said he decided to do it because his friends thought he was fit for the position. He said his favorite part of the show is the dance, which is choreographed by seniors Rhyan Nolan and Brooke Hopkins.

“They did a really cool job and all the guys come in together at the end and do it so that’s really fun,” Wood said. 

Wood said that this year’s show will set apart from the others.

“People should come because it’s going to be a funny show,” Wood said. “All the guys involved are really good guys, and really funny guys and they [want to] make it cool for the audience.”