Westside Medical Club Hosts Annual Blood Drive

Claire Benson
Featured above is one of the signs promoting the blood drive hung up by members of Westside’s Medical Club.

Westside’s annual blood drive organized by the high school’s Medical Club took place on Thursday, Oct. 10. Junior Heaven Eisley Yuipco, member of the club, said that there are many reasons why the blood drive is important but it is especially important during local natural disasters. 

“Not even hurricanes far away, but more local emergencies stuff like flooding–especially that– affected us in the past year,” Yupico said. “We run out of blood very, very fast.” 

Yuipco said that Medical Club works with the Red Cross and has been holding the drive for several years. Members of Medical Club help unload all of the equipment and serve as escorts to people who just finished giving blood. Along with this, they participate in spreading the word around the school and raise awareness for the drive. 

“It’s a good opportunity for high schoolers to donate blood instead of other places that host blood drives like hospitals,” Yuipco said.

Donors are required to be 16 years or older and in good health condition. Senior Angelina Wassenaar said she signed up to donate blood because she thought it would be an interesting experience.

“I would not recommend it for my friends because most of my friends don’t like needles,” Wassenaar said. “I am very scared of needles, but this is me stepping out of my comfort zone to do it.”