Westside Volleyball Falls to Gretna

Westside varsity volleyball travelled to Gretna on Tuesday, September 10th. Westside lost the first set 25-14. Off to a rough start, they were able to inch closer with a 25-22 loss in their second set. In the third and last set, Westside fell to Gretna with 25-14. Defensive specialist Natalie Bratetic reflected on the tough loss.

“I thought that we did pretty well in the middle of the game, but in the end it was kind of rough,” Bratetic said. “We didn’t really communicate and we didn’t really stick to the game plan as much as we probably should.”

Bratetic said her Head coach, Korrine Bowers, was not happy with the loss.

“She told us that we needed to pick it up and really come ready to work at practice,” Bratetic said. “We’re [going to] work on passing and defense for sure.”

On Thursday, September 12th, Westside varsity volleyball will play an away match at Lincoln Southwest. 

“I feel if we come out strong like we did in the middle of the Gretna game we will be okay,” Bratetic said.