Guidance Department’s Holiday Adoption Program Receives Record Support


Aayushi Chaudhary

Westside High School's Guidance Department hosts annual holiday adoption program that received a record number of adoptions this year.

Westside High School’s guidance department continued its annual holiday adoption program, beginning on Thursday, Nov. 21, and according to Guidance Counselor Vicki Londer, there has been a record-breaking number of students adopted this school year.

“In a matter of four days, the [Westside] high school homerooms and people working at the [Westside] district office adopted 177 [elementary school] kids in the district,” Londer said. “[This was a record number], and that doesn’t count the students that the elementary school counselors adopted [through elementary school churches].”

According to Londer, between the homerooms, district office employees and churches, upwards of 350 students have been adopted and received help for the holidays this year.

“[On Monday Dec. 2], I [had] four [elementary schoolers] left to adopt if anybody wants to [help them out,” Londer said. “[I believe] the four students will be adopted by the end of the day.”

Donations are still welcome to those who want to provide gifts, however the requested donations have been completed.