Westside hosts the Anne Frank Traveling Exhibit


Emily Jasa

Junior Hafsa Mohammed guides a group through the Anne Frank Traveling Exhibit.

Westside High School will be partnering with the Institute for Holocaust Education to host the Anne Frank Traveling Exhibit. 

Britianny Bolkovac, a dean at Westside High School, is responsible for getting the exhibit to come to Westside. She said that she wanted the exhibit to come to the school to bring more attention to issues like discrimination against Jewish students.

“A lot of people do not know that we have many students who are Jewish. This is a piece of history that we sometimes do not educate ourselves on. Hearing about this young, inspiring girls story can be very impactful.” Bolkovac said.  

Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, is known for a diary she kept while hiding during World War II. Two years ago, The University of South Carolina became the official U. S. Partner of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, according to its website. The Anne Frank Center on the university’s campus is offering several programs for schools to participate in to include a traveling exhibit. Using a Peer-to-Peer model, Student Cadets are learning the history to be tour guides for the exhibit and will share their knowledge with visitors. The Student Cadets will lead tours through the exhibit and answer any questions visitors may have. 

Sarah Rizwan, a junior at Westside High school, said that being a cadet was an eye opening experience. 

“The Anne Frank museum was an eye-opening experience. Learning more about Anne Frank’s story was really inspiring, and I am glad that I can share it with others,” Rizwan said.  

The Anne Frank traveling exhibition will be available from Jan. 30 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the warrior room at no cost.