The Amazing Technicolor Show Choir: Backstage


Amisha Subedi

Seniors Amisha Subedi and Makayla Jones pose in their crew shirts while backstage.

The Amazing Technicolor Show Choir is an award winning show choir with an incredible reputation. Everyone knows what they can do on stage, but what happens behind the curtains? 

As a crew member, I did not know what I was signing up for this year. All I knew was that I wanted to be a part of something great with my friends. Our first performance was the ATSC premiere in early January; this is when I realized how much I took my own show choir’s crew for granted. From costume changes to calming people down, the crew will always be by your side. 

We started off by collecting skirts and jackets in huge black buckets, trying to get everything out of the way so people don’t trip on unneeded clothes. Then comes one of the two most stressful costume changes: Elvis. 

Elvis, played by Matthew Swanson, is a character in ATSC’s show this year, and it’s the crew’s responsibility to get Matthew into his infamous Elvis costume. It may sound easy, but when you add up the darkness, timing, and the fact you have to get a jumpsuit on someone wearing shoes, it gets a bit difficult. 

The chaos dies down when the girls rush off stage to get their ballad dresses on. Suddenly, we are zipping up more dresses in 40 seconds than I have in the last year. 

We have another costume change with senior Sammy Gillotte, a member of the show’s trio. Gillotte’s costume change is much more difficult than Elvis’. She has to get out of her dress and heels, and put on boots, a new dress and button on a coat. Sometimes, things go wrong, and you can’t do anything about it.

“During a quick-change, my straps came off and we only had a small amount of time to get my dress put on, so we buttoned up the coat and called it good,” Gillotte said. “ That was definitely a little stressful. It’s really stressful, but a lot of fun in the moment.”

Costume changes are just part of the fun; this year, ATSC has five banners that get turned to reveal the artist of the corresponding song. The crew is also in charge of making sure these banners get turned around. 

Junior Orion Kucirek is responsible for the turning of the banners.

“I turn the three right banners and put away costumes,” Kucirek said.” I try to stay out of everyone’s way and sneak past everyone while they are changing. [I hope] I do not mess anything up.”

 You never really think about what goes on backstage, and despite the chaos and work, I would not change it for the world.