Westside Girls Cross Country with Three Top Finishers at Metros


Eliza Haney

The team finished sixth overall at the Metro meet and are competing to be a top team at both districts and state. – Photo by Eliza Haney

The Westside cross country team competed in the Metro Conference Championships at Walnut Creek on Thursday, Oct. 7.

The team showed tremendous individual improvement, having three runners in the top seven of the girls varsity race. Sophomore Claire White, who finished second at the race, felt confident in her team’s results.

“I think the three of us [Noelle and Reece] being in the top seven girls at metro was super accomplishing and I couldn’t be more proud of the three of us,” White said. “We have really worked hard to be at the top and we keep accomplishing those goals every week.” 

Head coach Theresa Gosnell was happy with the performance of the girls team at the meet.

“That was great to see,” Gosnell said. “I knew that they could do that and hopefully they can continue that going forward.”

Satisfied with the outcome of this meet, White still believes that the team has room for improvement leading to the A-1 District Tournament.

“It’s such a mental sport and I think everyone is just going to need to put themselves in the right mindsets going forward to districts,” White said.

Head coach Gosnell also felt that the team could make some quick adjustments before their district meet.

“I think they just need to leave it all on the course,” Gosnell said. “It’s all about racing not necessarily to get the times but racing to get the places they need to get.”

The cross country team is heading into their District A-1 Tournament on Thursday, Oct. 14 at Pioneers Park with hopes to qualify for the NSAA Class A State Tournament.