Scheduler App Creator to Graduate, Future of App Unknown


Andrew Li

Featured here is the icon for the WHS Scheduler app, created by senior Andy Li.

Although it offers benefits like more available classes and open mods, modular scheduling can be confusing. Senior Andrew Li created the Westside Scheduler app his freshman year and is now graduating. Westside High School students have relied on the app to keep track of their schedules for about three years. The app is very simple and lets you know what class you have and when.

“I saw an opportunity to use some of the skills I had explored to solve a problem,” Li said. 

With Li’s graduation quickly approaching, the future of the app remains in question. 

“Nothing is really set in stone right now,” Li said. “I’ve talked to Mr. Jordan Rhodes who is the contact for all the scheduling this year, [and] we’re planning to port it over to the iPads that are coming next year. That’s the extent to what we know now. We haven’t come to any agreement as of the ownership of the app.”