Free ACT Prep to Be Offered After Trial Year Cut Short by COVID-19


Kaylie Jones-Sibert

Westside High School will continue to offer free ACT prep following a trial year in 2019-2020.

Last school year, Westside High School tried out a free ACT preparation program through 3 Moms and a Test before the March exam was canceled due to COVID-19. This school year, Westside has decided to keep this program open so students can prepare for the ACT with help from others and have no financial burden. 

Westside had several students who decided to try out the program in 2019-2020 before deciding if they were going to continue offering the program each year  to help students with their junior year test. 

One of the students who gave her opinion on the program was senior Ava Williamson.

“The program was super helpful, just getting to hear the tips and tricks you wouldn’t think of when studying on your own,” Williamson said. “I would recommend the program to someone looking into the program. It definitely showed me more of [the] little aspects of the test that I wouldn’t otherwise think of.”

Counselor Vicki Londer was one of the faculty members who helped to decide to keep the ACT prep program and is the person in charge of the ACT and prep.

“3 Moms and a Test is a really good group to come in and work with our students and it is really important that each student feels completely prepared for the ACT,” Londer stated. “We also thought it would be much more helpful rather than just handing out books. Westside is looking to keep this program for as long as possible, so if every year there is grant money we will keep the program. I think this will help them [students] focus on each part of the test and improve their scores by working with the parts of the test they struggled with the most last time they took it.”