Little Theater Record Plaques to Be Replaced with Record Boards


The wall that held old record plaques from the 1970s and ‘80s is now being replaced with an updated record board that will allow new records to easily be put up over the years.

Westside High School administrators decided that a new area for the Westside record plaques to be displayed was long overdue. These records show a part of Westside’s history, so moving them to a place in the high school where they could be admired was a priority. 

Assistant Principal Thomas Kerkman said that plaques needed to be relocated after the construction of the Swede Center golf facility.

“After the indoor golf facility was finished we lost an area where we could have our record boards, and so we needed to move them,” Kerkman said. “What we decided to do was to take [the] wall of all those old plaques and redo that wall to move our student record boards where people could actually see them.” 

Once the construction of the record board is finished, Kerkman said that it will be much easier to replace the old records with the new ones by sliding them out of the display. Kerkman also said he is hopeful that these plaques will be ready in the next month. He also said he believes the students will have a positive reaction to the change. 

“I think once [students] see that we got these record boards moved, I think they’ll be excited because I don’t think anyone really knew where those record boards were,” Kerkman said.