PE Classes Move Online Due To COVID-19, Forces Adjustment For Teachers And Students


Aayushi Chaudhary

Various PE Classes have been forced to move online due to COVID-19, causing teachers and students to adjust.

Changes due to COVID-19 have forced teachers across the nation to move their classes online. For most, this means sending worksheets, lectures and other assignments to their students via email or Google Classroom. But for Physical Education classes that don’t utilize any of those online tools in class, it’s different. Westside High School Physical Education instructor Sally Shepherd said she has figured out a way to move her PE classes online.

“I send out short workouts that should take 30 minutes or less Tuesday through Friday,” Shepherd said. “I write the workouts a week ahead of time and share them with the other teachers in my department so that they can modify as they see it.”

Shepherd said it is very important to stay physically active during such a difficult situation.

“Physical activity is vitally important to mental well-being, especially during this time of social distancing,” Shepherd said. “Because we can’t go to as many places as we did before, people are sitting around more than ever. That can lead to a lot of problems.”

Shepherd said the workouts that she sends provides many benefits to her students.

“Getting up and moving benefits us on both a physical and emotional level,” Shepherd said. “Physical activity can reduce our stress levels, keep us from gaining weight, clear our heads, and getting outside gets fresh air into our lungs. Since the coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, keeping your lungs healthy is so important.”  

Shepherd said that she hopes her students are involving their families in their workouts. 

“Having workouts that students can do with parents and siblings helps keep kids moving and feeling better about this whole crazy situation,” Shepherd said. “Our bodies were designed to move, they feel better when we are active.”

Sophomore Charlie Davis said that he enjoys completing the workouts that his teacher sends.

“I think it’s important to be active so you can stay healthy during this time,” Davis said. “It’s also a boost of energy.”

Shepherd said that she misses her students and hopes that they understand how valuable physical exercise is.

“I’m working out every day and I want [my students] to know that,” Shepherd said. “I’m not just sitting on the couch telling them to move while I watch Netflix. I want them to know that if they are feeling stressed, getting up and doing some push ups, sit ups, squats, or taking a long walk or bike ride can be so beneficial.”