Westside Instructors React to COVID-19 Yellow Mode Switch


Aayushi Chaudhary

Westside will make the switch from 100% capacity in green mode to 50% capacity in yellow mode beginning Monday, Nov. 30.

On Monday, Nov. 9, Westside Superintendent Mike Lucas sent an email to parents and staff members regarding the district-wide switch to 50% in yellow mode, along with information about the extended Thanksgiving break. Teachers had a wide range of reactions to the email, and some said they foresaw the switch coming while others did not. Business instructor Bart Jeseritz said he feels that yellow mode will be easier to navigate through the second time around. 

“[Yellow mode] has some challenges, but it should be easier this time since we’re better equipped and have done it once before,” Jeseritz said. “[Westside] is trying to act in the best interest of everybody and keep people healthy.”

Math instructor Karen Anderson said she teaches three different math classes and foresees potential difficulties in yellow mode. However, she also said she believes that from a safety standpoint, switching to yellow mode was a good call made by the district .

“At home, students have other distractions [like] younger siblings and jobs, so it’s hard to focus on school when you’re not on a school schedule,” Anderson said. “The community spread [of COVID-19] is outrageous, so we have to do what we can in order to help with that first.”

Anderson said that, for her Discrete Math class, she will have to slightly change the curriculum because she cannot assume that students have the special tools that the school usually provides at home. 

English instructor Melissa Inmon said she feels relieved about the switch to yellow mode, as COVID-19 cases among Westside High School staff continue to increase.

“I was getting a bit nervous as to increasing numbers of staff trying to cover for [other staff members] who are in quarantine,” Inmon said. “[Students] should be listening to their teachers about these final assessments that will take place after [Thanksgiving] break, and [ask themselves] what they can do to make sure they’re in a good place.”

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