Students Share Their Opinion On Learning From Home vs. Online


Aayushi Chaudhary

Westside will make the switch from 100% capacity in green mode to 50% capacity in yellow mode beginning Monday, Nov. 30.

All Westside students and staff had to make a decision at the beginning of the school year if they wanted to attend school completely online or attend in-person school on a limited schedule. The original plan has changed a lot, and students across all Westside campuses have dealt with being online and not being able to see their teachers.  There are positives and negatives for both online and in-person schooling. Junior Lily Tobin said going to school better suits her needs as a learner. 

“I just wanted to see everyone, and I feel like I learn better in-person,” Tobin said. “[I like] how the teachers are able to explain [things] better in-person, and it’s easier to ask questions and go in for help.” 

Tobin said she sees a lot of positives with learning in school, but she also can see some positive things about online school. 

“I like online learning because I get to move at my own pace, and I don’t have to wake up as early,” Tobin said. 

Tobin said she enjoys being at home and working at her own pace, and getting more time to sleep, but overall, being in school is more enjoyable for her. 

“Overall, being in school is better for me,” Tobin said. 

Senior Colin Wein decided to go completely online when school started. This was due to many factors, yet once Westside went into 100 percent capacity on Sep.17 he planned to be back in school. 

“I chose to go online because I like how last semester went with it, so I decided to [go online] again,” Wein said. 

Wein has been online all through this year and has enjoyed it, but he does miss his friends and overall prefers to be in school.

“I prefer in-person, but overall online was very simple and easy,” Wein said.