Westside Theater Director Creates Sweded Film Festival For Students

While Westside students and staff are stuck in their houses during the time off of school or “coronacation,” Westside High School Theater Director and instructor Jeremy Stoll recently created a Sweded film festival to keep students throughout the Westside community busy during their time at home. For those that are unfamiliar with Sweded films, Stoll explains that they are short films made to mimic popular movies.

“A sweded film is essentially when people take a really popular movie and they remake the movie in 3-5 minutes with found objects, like stuff around their house that they can use for costumes and props,” Stoll said. “Obviously, they are really low budget and are kind of interpreted versions of people’s favorite movies. Back in the 70s, Sweden didn’t have much of a film industry so they were having people copy popular American movies and remake them out of their backyards, so that is why it is called a Sweded film.”

Stoll said that all students are encouraged to try and create a funny and unique film for this project, that will then be judged by the Westside High School Underground Club, also known as WHSUC. To learn more and submit videos, join the WHSUC Google Classroom with the code schchtj. Stoll also said that the submissions will be due by Friday, April 17 at 11:59 p.m. and prizes will be awarded to the winners. 

“I figured this would be a way people could be creative and collaborative and fill their time with a goal while we are all sort of stuck in this weird limbo,” Stoll said.