Westside Allows 100 Seniors to Attend Varsity Game


Erin Pinhero

Red Shield cheers on the football team at Gretna during the 2019 football season.

As Westside transitions into green mode, more people are allowed to go to varsity sports games. Tickets are first come first serve, and on Friday, Sept. 18, 100 seniors along with the families of the players are being allowed to go to Papillion La Vista South to watch the varsity football game.

“[It’s] a lot like being in school, we are going to require people to wear masks and, obviously, [on Sept. 18], we would be the visiting team, but the Metro Conference rule is that students need to wear masks at the games,” said Westside Dean Andrew Wane. “As people come to the game, it’s expected to be seniors, and, after they buy their ticket, they’re expected to have their IDs along with them.”

Wane also said different districts have different expectations for safety.

“Papillion La Vista South will manage a lot of what’s going on at their venue,” Wane said. “I think the masks are paramount, when we have home games here, use social distancing situations when we can. Different schools have organized it different as far as where they’re allowing people to sit. So, obviously, Papillion La Vista South has some different things that are specific to their venue. We’ll work with them on enforcing their different expectations.” 

Senior Ruby Secora is planning on going to the game.  She also wants to stay safe.  

“Probably try to space out from the people I’m not going with, and try to keep my distance and I’ll probably won’t get any food,” Secora said. “Just sit and watch. I might move around a little bit depending on if we’re cheering or if things get a little more exciting but I probably won’t be trying to move around the entire game.”