Westside Goes Big with Senior Billboards


Image Courtesy of Westside Community Schools Twitter

As of Monday, May 4, billboards dedicated to the Westside class of 2020 are up at 120th and Pacific St. as well as I-80 at 84th St.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Westside staff decided to go big to honor the class of 2020. As of Monday, May 4, there is a larger than life shoutout for the Westside class of 2020 at 120th and Pacific St. as well as I-80 at 84th St. When Westside Director of Communications Brandi Paul was presented with this opportunity, she said she couldn’t resist. Paul said everyone at Westside wants to make the seniors feel a little better. 

“We want to do everything we can to make sure that our seniors know that we are thinking of them and know they are going to accomplish great things no matter how their journey with Westside ended,” Paul said. “We did the yard signs, social media shoutouts and, when this opportunity came up, it just seemed like a no-brainer.”

Lamar Outdoor Advertising is the company that is bringing the billboards to life. Sales Accountant Executive Vicki Voet said she contacted Paul about this opportunity when she had heard about Westside on the news.

“I had seen Westside on TV with all the information on the special meals and community things and that’s how I thought to reach out,” Voet said. “The billboard will be up from May 4 to May 31 to honor the Westside class of 2020.”

Many other districts have also put up billboards for their seniors. Kim Sedivy with Westside’s Communications department designed Westside’s billboard to be clean and simple so the message would stand out.

“We wanted to do something special for the Class of 2020,” Sedivy said. “This has been a tough end to their senior year, and we wanted to recognize and congratulate them in a big way.”

Overall, Paul said everyone in District 66 wants to recognize the seniors and make them feel appreciated during this difficult time. 

“Whether it’s prom, the last couple of weeks with your favorite teacher, coaches, and friends or maybe not having a typical graduation, we just don’t know yet,” Paul said. “For the seniors who are driving past those billboards, it is just another reminder that we are thinking of them and we are so very proud of them.”