Special Education Introduces Friday Karaoke Mod

The Special Education department has started a weekly tradition; every 14th mod on Fridays, they participate in a karaoke day. A song is played over the speakers in their classroom, and students and teachers can sing along, dance, or simply enjoy the music.

Ainsley Meyerson
Special education students dance during mod 14 on Friday, their designated karaoke mod.

“How it started is that we just put on some music one Friday, and it turns out that the kids started dancing and it kind of grew from there,” Special Education Instructor Chase Bauers said.

Bauers said karaoke on Fridays is one of the students’ favorite parts of the week. 

“It’s something that the kids look forward to all week,” Bauers said. “They love to dance with each other.”

Junior Connor Shea said he enjoys dancing during the karaoke mod.

“Dancing [is my favorite part],” Shea said. 

Bauers said that many students from different classrooms have also come to participate in the karaoke. 

“[The special education students] like that some of their typical peers have been starting to come in from neighboring rooms when they’re done with their Friday assignments,” Bauers said. 

Special Education Instructor Michele Irwin said that she hopes the tradition of Friday karaoke carries on at Westside.

“It gives them a break and they look forward to it,” Irwin said. “I think it’s [going to] stay this way forever.”