Students Address Concern Over Walk To School In Freezing Temperatures


Ellie Anglim

Featured above is a section of the parking lot Christ The King provides for Westside students to park at.

Westside High School’s on-campus parking is limited and forces many students park off-campus. Students with parking passes can park at Christ the King Church, and Pacific Hills Church both across  from the high school. With winter approaching, this longer walk can be very difficult for students to endure everyday. Sophomore Emma Maaske said she makes the walk from Christ The King to the high school every day.

“It’s basically miserable,” Maaske said. “First, I have to drive to school and then park and I usually get there pretty late, so I have to park at the farthest spot. Walking over is extremely cold. It really sucks and I have to wait at the light.”

Sophomore Ellie Fehringer also makes the walk everyday and said that it is difficult in the cold.

“One of my friends timed it and they said it was a six minute walk,” Fehringer said. 

The walk time depends on how long students have to wait at the light or how far away their car is parked in the lot. Fehringer said that she usually sits and waits in her car in the morning to avoid the cold weather.

“Sometimes we get there early, but we just sit in my car because it’s so cold outside,” Fehringer said.

Maaske said that she dislikes the walk so much that she may resort to other methods of getting to school.

“Honestly might just make my mom take me to school because I can’t handle it,” said Maaske.

Fehringer said that she believes this problem could be solved if Westside added additional parking. 

“If [Westside] had better parking it would be better because it would be a shorter walk,” said Fehringer