The Importance of College Visits


College Visits are a great way for students to understand what they are looking for in a college and its campus.

The majority of Westside seniors have begun applying for college. However, before beginning this application process, many students visit the schools they are interested in to make sure they like the campus.

“Actually getting your feet on the campus and being able to walk around [and] talk to students, that just helps narrow down the college list,” Dr. Vicki Londer, academic counselor, said. 

Over the summer, senior Zola Madson visited colleges to help her decide where she wants to go next year.

“Having the opportunity to go visit different colleges really solidified what I want in a school,” Madson said. 

Madson said that the feel of a campus is extremely important when it comes to picking a school. She said that the overall feeling of the school matters most, and that she takes a lot of different factors into account when she visits colleges.  

“There have been some schools that I have absolutely fallen in love with,” Madson said. “It really clarified what schools I should put the most energy into applying for.”

Londer said that starting sooner rather than later is best when it comes to college visits. 

“I would give advice to juniors: start now,” Londer said.“Start making a list, because you’ll always narrow down your list.”