Seniors Participate in Annual “Guard the Field” Tradition


Ava Van Gelder

Seniors chat to pass time during the six hour “Guard the Field” sleepover.

On Thursday, Aug. 26, senior students had the opportunity to sleepover on Phelps Field from 8 p.m to 2 a.m.

Senior Ellie Anglim attended the event with her friends. Anglim said she really liked the chaperones at the event, and was glad she was able to attend.

“Last year’s seniors didn’t get to attend this event because of [COVID-19]. It’s a fun thing every generation gets to do,” Anglim said.

Anglim said she was excited to come to the event, and she had a lot of fun with friends.

“It was fun to act like we were little kids again,” Anglim said. “The whole time we were playing volleyball and football and all of the dumb games you would play when you were little; hanging out with everyone, it was fun.” 

Anglim explained that in the past, Creighton Prep has caused trouble the night before a game.

“Prep was known to do a lot of things to the field in prior years, [which is] the main reason we guard the field, to make sure they don’t do anything,” Anglim said. “Something crazy that happened was that [someone from Prep] threw a firework, in the track area. That was exciting, but also a little bit scary. It was something fun and new to do as a senior, [since] it’s our last prep game.” 

Assistant Principal Andrew Wane was one of the chaperones for the event. Wane said this tradition was started about 10 years ago because of past incidents. 

“People got into our stadium and there was some property damage and paint that was out there,” Wane said. “I think in response to that, we wanted to make sure that the stadium was secure the night before, so that was where the sleeping on the field tradition started.”

Wane said the event went very smoothly. 

“I will say that the seniors were great,” Wane said. “They did anything that we asked them to do as far as the conduct there, and being responsible and getting forms in for permission.  There were no incidents.”

Wane said that since last years’ seniors weren’t able to attend the event, they were glad to bring the tradition back this year.

“It was important for them to do this because the Class of 2021 didn’t get the chance to do it, so we were happy to bring the tradition back,” Wane said. “We really thought the students did a great job with it.”