Adapted Art Class Opens up Opportunities for Special Education Students


Image courtesy of Westside Community Schools' Twitter

Student artwork from the Adapted Art class will be on display at Kaneko.

This school year, Westside High School has tried a new class called Adapted Art for students who are receiving special education services. The purpose of the class is to expand access and see if students enjoy art. The class has been a success and the student’s art is going into an exhibit at Kaneko which is opening May 11. 

Adapted Art instructor Erin Lunsford spoke about how she feels about the class and their art. 

“This is our pilot semester of this class, and I wanted a way to celebrate the kids’ work,” Lunsford said. “Every student will have between one to ten pieces of art in the exhibit. We plan to leave the exhibit up for a month, but the opening reception will be from 5 to 7 p.m. on May 11. I highly encourage people to come and see the art and support these students.” 

Adapted Art Student Devin Fibich said his art is a very positive thing for him.   

“When I do my art, it is just a chance for me to relax and enjoy my time,” Fibich said. “I am proud my work is going to be in this exhibit for people to see. When I make my art I always remind myself to express who I am. I like doing art because I can be me and express myself through my art and so can everyone else.”