Westside High School Hosts Pep Rally To Support Football Team In State Championships


Image courtesy of Westside Community Schools's Twitter

Westside High School will host a pep rally on Tuesday, Nov. 26, to support the varsity football team going to the state championships.

Westside High School’s Varsity Football team will travel to Memorial Stadium to play Bellevue West this Tuesday, Nov. 25 at 7:15 p.m. To celebrate before the game, there will be a pep rally at 8 a.m. in the main gym on Tuesday. Westside Red Shield Representative Dylan Folda said pep rallies are a fun way to prepare for the game.

“[Pep rallies] are a good way to get excited for the state game and [they’re]always fun,” Folda said.

According to Folda, not only does going to a pep rally help to get students and staff excited for the game, but it also helps to support Westside’s cheer, dance and football team.

“[Pep rallies are a] good way to support the cheer and dance teams,” Folda said. “[They also] send the football team off as they compete for a state championship,”

Westside sophomore and varsity football player Carter Hogan said he feels that the support from the Westside community is beneficial for the football team.

“We have the best student section in the state and [their] support really helps us, so we need that,” Hogan said.

Folda said that Westside’s appearance in the state championship is not something that happens every year, so students take advantage of this opportunity to support Westside.

“We haven’t been in a [football] state championship in 6 years,” Folda said. “This doesn’t happen all the time. Go out and support our school.”