Review: Disney Plus vs. Netflix

Since its release on Tuesday, Nov. 12, Disney Plus has sparked debate over whether it, or its competitor, Netflix, is a better streaming service. When comparing the two streaming services, it is worth pointing out that Disney has helped Netflix gain followers in the past. The deals which Netflix signed with Disney when they were first added onto Netflix included content to Netflix and therefore gave it more following. Now, movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, Twentieth Century Fox and Lucas Films will be included in the Disney Plus plan, and will be removed from Netflix streaming services in the near future. This may potentially damage the number of Netflix uses.

The biggest difference between the two streaming services is the price. The basic plan of Netflix is $8.99 per month, with their standard plan coming in at $12.99 and their premium coming in at $15.99 per month. Although Netflix has, in my opinion, pretty good deals, when compared to Disney Plus, there is quite a difference. Disney Plus has two plans: basic and bundle packages. The Disney Plus basic plan comes in at $6.99 per month and their bundle package which includes Hulu and ESPN Plus is $12.99 per month. While there is less content on Disney Plus than there is on Netflix, the cheaper price gives Disney Plus the lead in this category.

Ultimately, the most important thing on a streaming platform for me is the quality of content available. Thanks to pre-existing deals with Disney, Netflix has a rather large amount of Disney content. Currently, Netflix has rights to play a large majority of Disney Plus’s content such as Marvel and Star Wars movies. Despite losing some of Disney’s content, Netflix still has an immensely large and ever changing number of movies and TV shows. It is also important to note that although Disney’s bundle package includes ESPN Plus, all of ESPN’s marquee matchups will still be included on the ESPN app, and come free with a cable package.  

I encourage you to give Disney plus a try, but to ultimately keep your Netflix subscription until Disney gets all its initial problems worked out. I believe that the content is great on both services but the variety of content is better on Netflix, especially for the time being. Although Netflix may lose some following due to Disney plus removing their content off of the platform, I don’t see it creating too much damage.