Social Studies Department Welcomes New Teacher


Ellie Anglim

Social Studies Instructor Joe McKay instructs students during his Global Geography class.

Social Studies Instructor Joe McKay is a new teacher at Westside this year, and said he believes Westside High School is a good fit for him. McKay said he lived in Wisconsin for four years to go to play baseball at Beloit College, then moved to Alabama for a year to teach. One thing that differs from his old school that McKay said he enjoys in Westside is the modular scheduling. 

“I really, really like modular scheduling,” McKay said. “I had block scheduling my first year teaching in Alabama. Block scheduling is just long for the student and the teachers.”

McKay said that he finds modular scheduling to be beneficial for him. 

“Modular scheduling is way more productive and you don’t lose attention too bad,” McKay said. 

McKay said besides from enjoying modular scheduling at Westside, he enjoys the team energy that is found within the school.

“My favorite thing about Westside is working with my colleagues,” McKay said. “At Westside, we have this collaborative team effort amongst the teachers so that we can share ideas.”