Preview: Student Council Hosts Annual Fall Kickoff Carnival


Charlotte Murphy

Members of Student Council created and hung up signs advertising the Fall Kickoff Carnival.

Student Council and Red Shield are coming together to support Westside’s varsity football team with the Fall Kickoff Carnival on Friday, August 30, from 4:30 to 6 p.m.. The carnival will be hosted outside of the main entrance of the high school and everyone in the Westside community is invited to attend. Co-President of Student Council, junior Lindsay Tierra, said she wants the fall carnival to attract students to attend the first football game.

“[The fall carnival] is to give everyone a heads up about the first football game and to get more little kids to come,” Tierra said. “We are also combining with the Red Shield for food.”

Student Council member, sophomore Samantha Barrett, is the chair of the fall carnival committee. Barrett said that there will be different activities taking place for all ages to participate in.

“We are going to have three different things to do,” Barrett said. “We are gonna have the dunk tank, where you dunk a whole bunch of teachers, and then a velcro wall where you put on this like suit and you try and jump and stick yourself to it. And then we have like a jousting pedestal where two people are gonna be up there and you try and knock each other over and then yeah you can get tickets.”

Ticket prices will vary from $0.25 per ticket, $1.00 for five tickets, or $5.00 for 25 tickets. Proceeds from the carnival will go towards Student Council’s yearly budget, and proceeds from the food will go towards Red Shield. Some Westside staff members participating in the dunk tank are Assistant Principal Lois Rasgorshek, Superintendent Mike Lucas, Principal Jay Opperman, Math Instructor Kevin Koch, Math Instructor Steven Emmerich, and Counselor Ted Dondlinger. Opperman said he is participating in the dunk tank to help Student Council raise money as well as potentially dunk Lucas.

“I also wanted to be down there early because Dr. Lucas is in there right before me and I’m gonna put him down,” Opperman said.