Winter Formal Postponed due to Weather


Weather forecasts predicting ice, wind, and multiple inches of snow are the leading factor in the rescheduling of Winter Formal as well as Battle of the Bands.

Principal Jay Opperman discussed the reasoning behind postponing winter formal.

“[Administration] has been watching the forecast all week and we’re close enough where we feel that the weather forecast is as accurate as it can be,” Opperman said. “They’re forecasting rain turning to snow, with wind that could be blizzard like conditions, and so we just really don’t want to put families and students and people out on the roads. It just doesn’t seem like a very safe thing to do.”

Opperman elaborated on how the administration team came to the decision.

“We delayed another basketball game, it was moved already and we delayed because we thought ‘well it’s a big event,’ unsure of when we can reschedule it because of stuff going on,” Opperman said. “And so we want to try to wait as long as possible, but we’re at a point that we as an administrative team decided that we needed to make a decision this afternoon so people could know. We just wanted to give people advanced notice and right now we’re trying to look at some possible dates; it isn’t cancelled at this point, we are trying to look for some reschedule possibilities.”

Opperman said rescheduling the dance within the next few weeks may be a challenge due to many activities occurring.

“It’s tough right now because we got possibility of state championships [for basketball] the next two weeks, and then we got spring break, so we’re really trying to work out what we can do,” Opperman said. “We are trying to schedule it with both the dance and the battle of the bands happening so we don’t really have a firm date in mind, we’re looking at our different schedules for different activities and seeing if we can fit a day in that could work.”

Opperman shared that he believes safety is the most important aspect of the dance as well as the night it is scheduled.

“Safety is important. I know it’s a big event for our students but we want to make sure if we’re going to do it we want people to be safe and really enjoy the event,” Opperman said.