Westside Softball Looks Ahead to District Play


Alex Estopare

Rylee Cain is a senior on this year’s softball team.

Earlier in the year, Westside athletic director Tom Kerkman announced that there would be a new softball coach for softball.

Coach TJ Eadus-Leapley is known winner as both a player and a coach. At her first district tournament, she has a couple of ideas on how to come out successful.

We are working on thinking plays ahead, not being robotic and only going with the first play option,” Eadus-Leapley said. “Keeping runners out of scoring position is huge for us. We take care of the ball and don’t make unnecessary throws or plays, we will win close games.”

With Districts coming, the seniors don’t have many games left, ending Eadus-Leapley’s first and last year with them. 

“Our seniors are a great group,” Eadus-Leapley said. “We have six starting seniors and each of them has impacted our program greatly. I am appreciative to have helped them in their careers as they have helped me in mine. They are leaving big shoes to fill”

Eadus-Leapley said that these next few games are crucial coming into districts. If they do well, they are on a hot streak. If they lack wins, they might get down on themselves.

“I’m looking forward to seeing our girls just play,” Eadus-Leapley said. “We get so caught up into stats, power points, rankings, that we forget sometimes it’s a game. I want them to play and have fun. We don’t want to play with a ton a pressure on our shoulders and make it into a big deal. I want them to make the best of the moment.”

For all of the girls, it is a different feel. Freshmen have never been at this stage, and upperclassmen want to go out on top. Eadus-Leapley said that they all need to be on the same page and be anxious to win games.

“I think the girls are nervous, emotional and excited,” Eadus-Leapley said. “We proved we can be dominant, we proved that we can compete, I am just hoping we get hot at the right time and really finish strong.” 

The Warriors have earned two wins at the district tournament thus far, and they look to continue the streak in the upcoming days.