Westside Softball Set for Metro Tournament


Alex Estopare

Junior Katie Shafer is projected to be in the starting lineup this weekend.

The Omaha Metro Softball Tournament, which begins on Thursday, is a big deal for many reasons. All of the teams in the metro will be playing. Head coach TJ Eadus said winning this would be monumentally huge for the Westside softball team. Eadus is no stranger to success.

Winning this tournament would be a big statement and one I’m sure the girls would love to make, but we will take it one game at a time,” Eadus said. “As long as we compete, do the little things right and timely we have a shot just like anyone else.”

In tournaments like these, pitching is a huge part of success. Eadus said Westside has many options for pitching.

“We will utilize all of our pitchers. Our pitching is a strong focus this week as we aren’t at our best right now. Our pitchers confidence is shaken, and we are working diligently to help them overcome,” Eadus said. “If we can get them back in their groove, we can hang with anybody.”

This past week for Westside has been a tough stretch. Coach Eadus said she plans to get out of the funk and make a statement.

“We had a rough couple of games this week, so we’re just looking to work through our funk and compete,” Eadus said. “There are a lot of tough teams in Metros, and, as long as we hit and take care of the ball, we will be ok.”

Eadus said Getting out to a quick start and making teams know that Westside is just as good as anyone else is huge for this team. Cranking out hits and runs would be an exceptional way to prove that.

“If we come out and put 3/4 runs on the board right away we can deflate another team’s confidence,” Eadus said. “When we do that, we boost our pitchers confidence to throw well and take all the pressure off of them. If we score early and often our team is unbeatable.”

The Warriors will begin the tournament on Thursday, September 12, 2019, when they take on Omaha Burke at Dill Softball Complex.