Carpenter Brut tier list review


Franck Hueso debuted as Carpenter Brut in 2012 with EP I, which he released as part of a trilogy of EPs that would later be combined to make his first album titled Trilogy, released in 2015. Brut’s music falls under synthwave which is a genre largely based on soundtracks of movies in the 1980s. After the release of the Turbo Killer music video directed by Seth Ickerman, the duo went on to release a full film on Shudder named Blood Machines. 

The reason that Trilogy is so spread out across the tiers and other albums aren’t is mostly because of how much variety it has. Blood Machines is mostly in E tier due to the amount of just ambience, which is expected of a movie soundtrack. Leather Teeth is mostly B or C tier with Inferno Galore standing out. Leather Terror is mostly C or D tier because they’re all just intense songs with not much variety, but The Widow Maker stands out and ranks up there with Turbo Killer. Finally, Anarchy Road is easily my favorite song of all time.

To close this out, Carpenter Brut is my favorite artist ever. From Trilogy to the Leather Teeth series, everything he’s ever put out has been amazing,