Everything You Need to Know About Fantasy Football “Punishments”

A popular after-school pastime among high school students, fantasy football leagues have proven to be a common online activity among friend groups at Westside this year. However, many leagues have devised a “punishment” for the loser of the group– or the person with the least amount of points– often something gross or embarrassing to carry out in front of their friends.

In order to play fantasy football, participants must select real-life professional football players for their personalized team and compete individually against other members of their league. Earning points when players do well, the player with the least amount of points loses.

“Basically, before the season starts, you draft the teams and change your lineup each week to make sure it’s good,” sophomore Drew Longmeyer said. “Then you verse your opponents every week.” 

Longmeyer explained that the loser of his league must go into a dog kennel and have various food items thrown at them. 

“We have to go into a dog kennel and then we have to get random stuff dumped on us,” Longmeyer said.

Senior Alex Kugler also takes part in fantasy football with friends. Kugler said the penalty the loser of his league must perform involves having eggs thrown at the loser..

“Our fantasy football punishment is that the loser has to be egged,” Kugler said. “All the other people get to just pelt them with eggs.” 

Senior Charlie Cox said the loser of his league has to do the One-Chip Challenge, a challenge where one has to consume a chip made from spicy peppers, and the “Milk Mile”, where the participant must run one mile around a track and drink sixteen ounces of milk per lap.

“My punishment is the one-chip challenge and the milk mile,” Cox said.

Although fantasy football is a popular activity this year, be aware when considering joining a league that losing may result in an unusual, and sometimes humorous penalty from your friends.