WHS girls wrestling team makes impressive fundraising efforts

With the season starting in November, Westside’s girls wrestling team has been raising money for their program with various fundraising events, including a Casino Night on October 15th. 

Girls Wrestling Coach Bob Mulligan said that the team has collaborated with girls basketball to fundraise for both programs. They have sold a variety of items to raise money including jewelry, fireworks, and Westside merchandise. 

“[This summer], we did a firework stand with girls basketball,” Mulligan said. “We had a partnership with Kendra Scott where a portion of sales one weekend went to our program. Coming up, we will have a casino night and during the season [where] we will sell popcorn. We have also done and will do another store with Westside wrestling gear.”

Since the girls wrestling program is only in its second year at Westside, fundraising is a big help to the athletes directly. Money raised by these fundraisers will go towards competitions and athletic gear for the team.

“This year our fundraising helped us purchase new competition singlets and hotel rooms for our big out of town tournament we are going to. 100% of our money that is made goes directly to the athletes,” Mulligan said. 

Mulligan said that the program is grateful for the continued support from the community. 

“Thank you to the community and the school district for the endless amount of love and support we receive as a new program. We literally couldn’t do it without them,” Mulligan said.

Junior Regan Rosseter is a returning team member of the girls wrestling team. Rosseter said that one of the biggest ways for the community to support the team is by showing their support at meets and tournaments, as well as sharing information about girls wrestling on social media.

“If they would like to come to some of our meets [or] tournaments just to support us, [that] would be amazing and supportive. If you see something about girls wrestling on Twitter or any other social media platform, share it,” Rosseter said. 

Sophomore Piper Zatechka is also a returning member of the team. Like Rosseter, Zatechka said one of the most important ways to help out the program is to come to girls wrestling events. 

“Show up to our tournaments,” Zatechka said. “I mean, there aren’t a lot of wrestling fans out there. Not how it is for football or basketball, anyways. And there’s even less for women’s wrestling or women’s sports in general. I think just showing up to our competitions or tournaments and showing your support is really great. On social media too, giving some visibility for women in male-dominated sports, or just women’s sports in general, that’s always really helpful.”