The “No Hate Tour” Visits Westside High School


Charlotte Miller

Rider Sam Brussell performed a stunt on his bike in front of students during the program.

A ‘No Hate’ assembly was held on Friday, September 9, promoting anti-bullying by BMX artists and the United States Marines. Following the assembly was the fall carnival and the football game against Bellevue West High School.

Assistant Principal Andrew Wane organized the event.

“It will be a celebration of a great first four weeks of school,” Wane said.

After being offered a spot by the No Hate Tour last spring, Wane committed to planning this event. 

The No Hate Tour promotes anti-bullying by featuring top BMX athletes and the US Marines. The athletes present at the event were Zachary “Catfish” Alexander, AJ Anaya, Sam Brussell, Koji Kraft, and Wesley Hark. 

They spoke about their personal events that led to their career. Alexander explained that Anaya’s childhood bullying had led to the current position he holds as one of the top BMX artists that comes from Mexico. 

Between presenting BMX skills to students, Alexander spoke on anti-bullying. 

“For every negative person in your life, there [are] ten positive people that want to be around you,” Alexander said.

Originally, students were expected to attend the assembly in the main gym. The location of the assembly was changed as weather conditions permitted an outdoor event. 

Friday’s class schedule was shortened to allow time for the event. Students were told to not attend homeroom and arrive at 1st Mod at the beginning of the school day, and IMCs were closed during the assembly. 

All remaining students in a class were dismissed via intercom. Students in class during mod 14 and students without an off-campus pass were expected to attend the assembly. Students were obligated to stay in the West Bleachers in the stadium for the assembly until dismissal at 3:10 PM.

“I think since there was a good message, it was good for [Westside] to promote [the assembly],” junior Hanan Lotoro said. 

Nearing the end of the assembly, Alexander acknowledged the presence of the US Marines, encouraging students to pay respect to individuals who serve the country. The US Marine Corps has sponsored the No Hate Tour for the past 15 years. 

 “I found how they’re doing tricks pretty cool,” sophomore Mohamed Mohamed said. “It made a lot of people [excited].”

Wane reflected on the effect he hopes the assembly will have on students.

“We’re hoping [the assembly] positivity impacts students [into] being kind to one another and making students aware of their behavior,” Wane said.