Clark Rue: A Natural Leader


Photo by: CeCe Gerard

Westside team captain, and four-year varsity tennis player Clark Rue has faced much adversity as a Warrior. Through tough losses and coaching changes, Rue, now a senior, has always made it his priority to ensure that his teammates kept a level head and remained focused on the team goal: to become state champions. 

“I’m really motivated,” Rue said. “There’s not a single team in the state that’s unbeatable for us, given that Alex (Kugler) and I have shown that we’re capable of beating top teams (in No. 1 doubles).”

Since he first stepped foot on the court, Rue said he’s had his eyes set on a state championship, something that he’s always working for. 

Rue has gained knowledge, skill, and experience during his tenure at Westside, and credits some of Nebraska’s best for his improvements. 

“I’ve grown an unbelievable amount,” Rue said. “I started off as a freshman on varsity and I looked-up to a lot of the top players from other schools, because they were so much better than me at the time. Now that I see some of the younger kids look up to me, it’s really inspiring to see myself in that same position.”       

A natural leader, Rue has been consecutively nominated as a team captain since he was a sophomore. Playing his final season as a Warrior, he feels honored to be chosen to lead the team again this year.

“I’m really excited and humbled to be nominated as the team captain for the third year in a row,” Rue said. “It shows that my teammates have trust in my experience and knowledge of tennis. When it’s all said and done, I really appreciate my teammates for having faith in me throughout my final season.”

Westside’s head coach Bart Jeseritz had nothing but good things to say about Rue.   

“Clark’s vocal leadership has only improved over time and he is consistently improving as a player,” Jeseritz said. “He is our team captain and is absolutely amazing.”

Jeseritz has made sure that Rue’s efforts to be a better player and teammate don’t go unnoticed. He’s shown on many occasions that the team comes first, and that his main goal is to help elevate his teammates, and the program as a whole.

“Clark made a huge sacrifice for the team when he made the switch from No. 1 singles to No. 1 doubles,” Jeseritz said. “That, by itself, elevated everyone on the team and helped the team’s success. Clark is an amazing human being and a fantastic tennis player.”

Rue looks to continue galvanizing his teammates heading into the state tournament on Oct. 14th and 15th.