Homecoming King and Queen To Be Crowned Following Football Game


Audrey Persaud

The 2019 homecoming court candidates pose for a group picture.

Due to COVID-19, this year’s homecoming will not have as many of the normal activities like the powder puff game, the parade and the homecoming dance. Some of the few things that have stayed the same are the homecoming game and the homecoming court. Because there will be no homecoming dance, the homecoming king and queen will be crowned differently this year. Assistant Principal Andrew Wane explained how the coronation will work.

“This year, the homecoming coronation will happen Friday night after the football game,” Wane said. “This is obviously different, but this is the way we can include everybody and keep them safe, so we will wait for about 15 to 20 minutes [after the game] and then the coronation will happen.”

Wane also covered how they will actually perform the coronation and keep people safe.

“The candidates and their families received an email Sunday with landmarks of where the candidates and their families can stand and be socially distant while wearing their masks,” Wane said. “Although this year was going to be different, we did want to make sure we had a homecoming king and queen and that we included them and their parents. We did still want to center what we were able to do around the students, their accomplishments, and what they have done for the school.”

Queen nominee Dori Watanabe explained how she feels the school is doing with the changes and how she feels about how the coronation will happen this year. 

“Because of [COVID-19], the dance has been canceled until the spring hopefully, but we are still doing all the activities the same,” Watanabe said. “It is a little upsetting because as seniors you look forward to the Powderpuff game, the dance and all the other activities, but I think it will still be a good experience.”

 “I think being crowned at the dance would be a little more special because all the grades would be there, and at the game it will only be seniors, but I am glad we still get something,” Watanabe said. “I think that the precautions being taken are good and I think they are doing a good job with what they have.”

King nominee Zachary Goldner also gave his opinion on the coronation. 

“It sucks that we can’t do activities, especially the parade and the dance, but I am glad that they have done such a good job getting the aspects of homecoming that we can still do,” Goldner said. “I don’t know how many people will hang out after the game, but it is a really good alternative for crowning at the dance. They are also keeping us really safe so I think overall it is good what they have changed.”