Westside Alumni’s Proposal


Westside football is set to face off against the Grand Island Islanders on Friday, Sep. 25, at 7 p.m. in an away game. This game however has stirred up confusion and frustration among the WHS community, since Grand Island’s visitor policy allows no fans or family to attend due to COVID-19. DJ Rezac, father to Westside football player Dominic Rezac and a Westside football alumni, turned to Twitter to try and come to an agreement on how family of Westside players can come and watch.

“Their policy, from our understanding, is they didn’t want city-to-city traveling because of [COVID-19],” Rezac said. “We felt that wasn’t authentic because [they’re] letting [their] fans travel to away games. They didn’t speak directly to me, but through Facebook said ‘We don’t want our teachers and students to have to supervise your side, because what if they get sick’.” 

In understanding Grand Island’s need for safety when it comes to COVID-19 guidelines, Rezac said he saw what offer needed to be made.

“We offered a collaboration, what if we sent you a check where you [don’t] have an exchange of cash or have to ticket people?” Rezac said. “What if we supervised our own side and then what if we cleaned your stadium? We thought they were pretty good proposals to help collaborate and allow fans to watch.” 

Rezac’s offer of one check for all tickets and having his own company, KB Building Services, clean and disinfect the entire stadium has had no response from Grand Island. According to Rob Zatechka, one of the authors of @DocTalkSports and a former Husker football player, an offer like this is not one to look over.  Zatcehka’s son Ryan is a Westside football player and wrestler.

Local media in Grand Island doesn’t want to touch this one,” Zatechka recently tweeted.  “The fact that a visiting team is offering a donation of a few thousand dollars and will bring in a cleaning company to disinfect the stadium post-game and still was told no!”

Rezac said not being able to see your child is difficult.  He added that he hopes Grand Island would understand that while reaching out for a middle ground.

“It’s just hard being parents of players, not being able to see their sons and grandsons play football,” Rezac said “Since we started the conversation, they’ve since changed their venue for their Papio South game. I think that’s a win, it’s great for Papio South. You know, it is what it is and we’re going to  have to just deal with their policy, even though we disagree with it. The Grand Island Booster Club has helped us find a location at a park where we can watch the game via livestream.”

In doing all this, a lesson Rezac said he hopes the Westside community can take from this is one that teaches you to stand up.

“I think we teach our kids to stand up and fight for what you believe in, as long as you do it respectfully, it’s okay to ask the question of what’s going on,” Rezac said.

The Grand Island district superintendent has been unreachable. Grand Island Senior High’s athletic director chose not to comment.

Where to watch Friday’s Westside v Grand Island game.

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