Senior Duo Ready for Next Level


Emma Rieser

Senior Jasmine McGinnis-Taylor has aspirations of going pro after she plays at Illinois State.

Westside’s varsity girls basketball team’s senior superstars are going off in different directions. And, with their last season winding down, they are preparing for their future.

 Senior Jasmine McGinnis-Taylor has big plans for herself and is hoping to continue her success. This year she is averaging 15 points a game and 10 rebounds per game.

 “I’m going to Illinois State to play basketball and from there I would like to go play overseas or the WNBA,” McGinnis-Taylor said.

 Change can be scary. McGinnis-Taylor and other seniors are going off in their own directions after some playing together since fifth grade, but she is not nervous to start a new chapter with her teammates at Illinois State.

 “I’ve met the girls and we’ve built a really good relationship already and they’re all really friendly. So, I am excited,” McGinnis-Taylor said.

 Another senior, Ella Wedergren, is also excited about this change. She is attending Rockhurst University, but this was not always her dream.

 “I always wanted to be a Rockstar, but that didn’t happen. I did want to be in the WNBA, but I realized that. . . your body only lasts so long and your brain lasts longer,” Wedergren said. “Just using my brain to help others in the healthcare profession.”

 Wedergren will continue to play basketball in college and is prepared for the change. She has little fear for her new adventure.

 “There is always some doubt when you move and change, but I am actually really looking forward to going to college and starting a new life on your own,” Wedergren said.

 Over the years, Wedergren and her teammates have built a bond and she is hoping to continue to stay connected with her teammates.

 “One of our missions for our basketball team is to build lifelong relationships while winning state championships,” Wedergren said.