Student’s Viral Video Featured In USA Today Article


Image courtesy of Ella Wedergren's TikTok

Ella Wedergren’s viral TikTok was featured in an article on USA Today.

TikTok, a popular social media app for teenagers, has recently been featured in an article in USA Today for its different videos of people being compared to NFL player Trevor Lawrence. Senior Ella Wedergren created a TikTok for this comparing her resemblance to Lawrence. Wedergren’s TikTok was so popular that it made it into the USA Today article along with many other girls that created similar videos. According to Wedergren, she created the TikTok based on her peers saying she looked like Lawrence.

“A lot of guys on the football team joke around [and say] that I look like Trevor Lawrence,” Wedergren said. “I just did it one night.”

Wedergren said that other people making similar TikTok’s encouraged her to try it herself.

“I didn’t know [the TikTok] was [on USA Today],” Wedergren said.“[A friend] just sent me the link and I was like ‘what is this?’ and she said look at it. It was kinda cool.”

According to Wedergren, she has been getting comments from people around the world about her TikTok.

“[People have been like] ‘man, you do really look like him,’” Wedergren said. “[Or] ‘that made me laugh’, ‘that was really funny’.”

Wedergren said Lawrence replied to one of the other girls who made a similar TikTok.

“[I saw] Bella Martina’s [TikTok] and he replied to her,” Wedergren said.”Maybe he will reply to mine [one day], but [as of right now, he did not].”