Premium Pies: A Ranking of Westside’s Pies

When I think of classic fall foods, I immediately think of all things pumpkin, but especially pumpkin pie. Every Thanksgiving, my Nana makes her beloved pumpkin pie, but I can’t enjoy that pie throughout all of October and November. So, I went on a mission to find the best pumpkin pie you can purchase in the Westside district. The contenders for this competition were places in which you can order the pie from the bakery but also eat it sitting down. I based these rankings on four categories: buying experience, pie appearance, crust and filling. Each of the categories is scored out of five and based on my personal pie opinions. 


The environment of Farmhouse was very welcoming. I walked in looking confused, but I was helped right away, both quickly and kindly. – 5

The appearance is very similar to other pies, but there is a very odd film on top that is cracked and a bit displeasing. – 3.5

The crust is flaky and there is just the right amount in proportion to the filling. It’s a good-tasting crust with the perfect hint of sweetness. – 5

The filling is very heavily spiced with an aggressive pumpkin flavor. I think it could use a bit more sugar to offset the other strong flavors. – 4

Total Score: 17.5

Village Inn

Village Inn’s environment was not very welcoming. It took awhile for me to be helped, and the workers seemed indifferent. – 3

The pie looked very basic in most ways, but there were some odd bumps and discolorations on top. The crust was very uneven and crumbly. – 3

The crust was very bland, and it would just fall off of the pie, making the pie hard to eat. – 2

The filling didn’t taste very good. It didn’t taste like pumpkin but more like a Bath and Body Works fall candle, and it was very displeasing to eat. – 2

Total Score – 10


The service was very kind, but it was just a little bit confusing as to where to go, so it took a bit of time. – 4

The appearance of the pie was delightful with a shiny top and neat crust. – 5

The crust was nice and flaky with a hint of sweetness. It balanced the filling in terms of flavor and proportion. – 5

The filling was a delicious balance of sweet and spicy with a great pumpkin flavor. – 5 

Total Score – 19


For Hy-Vee, I just went in and bought the pie, but there were no problems or waits. – 5

The appearance was sleek and looked delicious. – 5

The crust fell off when cut and was doughy and wet on the bottom, but it had a great flavor. – 3

The taste of the filling was a little candle-like, but not horribly so. There is a great texture to it, and the spices come through really well. – 4

Total Score  – 17