Westside Activities Offer Exclusive IMCs

IMCs are one of the many benefits of Westside, and provide a great environment to work on homework, get help from teachers and hang out during your open mods. The majority of the school knows about the core class IMCs, like English, Math and Social Studies. But, lesser known, exclusive IMCs can be home to a better studying environment or a less strict area to chat with friends.


Theatre/Orchestra IMC

Benjamin Kutler
Theater and orchestra students spend their time on the couch in the IMC during open mods.

Location: Rm. 181

Exclusive to: Members of theatre, orchestra, and band but not strict

Availability: Schedule posted in IMC

Main Supervisor: Mr. Stoll

Pros: Kids from your class will be in there, no rules but expected to be respectful

Cons: Loud in room and in hallway


Journalism IMC (J-Room)

Benjamin Kutler
Journalism students work on homework and hang out during their open mods

Location: Rm. 251

Exclusive to: Journalism students 

Availability: All day

Supervisor: Mr. Zegelis and Mr. Kaldahl

Pros: Fun, comfortable environment

Cons: Loud, hard to get work done


Pool IMC

Location: Swimming Pool

Benjamin Kutler
Students hang out on pool bleachers during open mods.

Exclusive to: Students taking a swimming class

Availability: Not specific, not the whole day

Supervisor: Mr. Johnson

Pros: Quiet, good place to get work done

Cons: Not always open


Band IMC

Location: Band Room 

Exclusive to: Band Members

Benjamin Kutler
The band IMC has many places for students to sit as well as rehearse.

Availability: Majority of day, not always open

Main Supervisor: Mr. Krueger

Pros: No restrictions on noise or what you are doing

Cons: Can be loud, and hard to get work done