Westside Hallway Renovation


Westside High School is currently undergoing renovations, which includes repainting the walls, changing the carpeting and adding new lights. 

Westside High School is currently undergoing renovations to update the entrance and the 200’s hallway. These renovations include repainting the walls, changing the carpeting and adding new lights. 

Westside Alumnus Michael Staenberg, donor for the renovation, said that he wanted to donate money because he loves Westside as a school. 

“I really found [Westside] to be [a place] where the teachers cared [and] people cared about each other,” Staenberg said.

Staenberg said that he wanted to be highly involved with the renovation process because he has experience with commercial development.

“I like working,” Staenberg said. “It’s not work for me. [I like] getting the right people here, getting their vision. I feel like I’m the artist.”

Westside Community Schools President and Chief Development Officer Terry Hanna is one of the people responsible for coordinating the renovation. 

“[The renovation] will go in four phases,” Hanna said. “[The renovation starts in] the hallway by the basketball court leading down by the ramp, and then there’s the phase of right by the art gallery and the Colosseum store, and then the atrium.”

Hanna said that he hopes the renovation will help to create a great first impression for anyone visiting the high school.

“It is the front door of our school, but it’s also the first impression,” Hanna said.

Hanna said that since new lights have already been installed, the next part of the project is painting the trophy cases and some of the walls.

“There’s going to be four different colors: two shades of gray, there’s going to be some black, [and] there will be a little bit of red for accents,” Hanna said.

The final phase of the renovation will be new carpet throughout the area. Hanna said that updating some areas of the school is a good way to build school pride, and helps Westside students know that the school is looking out for them.

“We want to show our visitors, the parents of our kids and our guests that we look out for [the students] and our teachers, and are investing in their experience at this great high school,” Hanna said.

Staenberg said that he donated money for the renovation because he wanted to give something back to Westside after the school supported him while he was a student here.

“I’m a fortunate person, and I owe a lot of my success to Westside High School,” Staenberg said. 

Staenberg said that he thought Westside High School had the good foundations needed when developing a building.

“I have a philosophy that you have to have the following: you have to have the place and the location,” Staenberg said. “You have to have the programs, you have to have the people, and you have to have the money to do it.” 

Staenberg said that one of his goals when undertaking this project was to inspire Westside students and help foster school pride.

“I’m going to make a difference so kids will say, ‘I’m proud to walk in that building, I want to be a part of that building, I want to be part of what we’re trying to do,’” Staenberg said.

Staenberg said that his initial donation was $300,000, but he’s still working on fundraising more money to give to Westside.

“I’ve already contacted 100 people and I’m asking for money,” Staenberg said. “I want to show them that they can make a difference.” 

Staenberg said that he hopes renovating some areas of the school will help Westside students to have the same experiences that he had as a student.

“Westside took an interest in me when I wasn’t doing very well, [and] they helped me get to where I [am],” Staenberg said. “[Westside] made me understand the value of school, the value of people, and how to be successful. I’m just paying the success forward, [because] I saw an opportunity to make a difference.”