Brett Froendt Reaches 100th Football Game Win


Zoe Gillespie

Coach Brett Froendt talks with Caleb Benning at the State Championship Game.

Westside head football coach Brett Froendt won his 100th football game this past season. 

Froendt said that he is very proud of each and every one of his players, and that it has been a great experience being their coach.

“We are really proud of the young men who have gone on and achieved great things and been good citizens and good people,” Froendt said. “It is fun to watch.”

Froendt said that every year there is the challenge of having a new group of players, but despite this challenge each year ends with a great season. 

“It is always challenging to start a journey every year with new players, a new mix of leaders and sometimes new coaches,” Froendt said. “As hard of work as it is, it always seems to gel at some point. The journey is different every year and that’s what’s exciting.”

Froendt said that some of his most memorable moments as a coach have been the games against school rivals and the state championship games. 

“Some favorite memories are always the biggest wins against our biggest rivals,” Froendt said. “Certainly Creighton Prep games each year, some of the playoff games, and of course the state championship games; both heartache and euphoria.”

Varsity safety junior Jackson McIntyre said he received lots of beneficial advice from Froendt as a coach.​​The journey is different every year and that’s what’s exciting.

The journey is different every year and that’s what’s exciting.”

— Brett Froendt

“My coach told me even when things aren’t going your way, make sure you fight even harder,” McIntyre said. “You never know when the good is coming, so keep fighting.”

Froendt said that the most beneficial impact he has had on his players is helping them learn life skills along with surrounding them with a great culture. 

“We give them a lot of tools to put in their tool box for life, whether that be character driven or that be mental skills training,” Froendt said. “I think our staff worked hard at teaching them life long lessons.