ATSC to Take On Millard North’s Infinity in Football


Weston Siebler

The Amazing Technicolor Show Choir will play Millard North’s Infinity show choir in a football game this weekend.

Westside’s Amazing Technicolor Show Choir (ATSC) is playing Millard North’s Infinity in a seven on seven football game this Saturday, Oct. 2 at 2:00 p.m. at Phelps Field. 

Two years ago ATSC and West in the Groove (WIG), Millard West’s show choir, had a rivalry according to senior ATSC member Aidan Baumann.

“We decided instead of settling it at a show choir [competition], to settle it in a seven on seven football game,” Baumann said.

The event was scheduled again last year but was cancelled due to COVID-19. Baumann said participants are looking forward to bringing  back the event this year. 

“This year, we’ve added a couple more groups. We’ve added Millard North Infinity, possibly South on Stage [and] possibly Millard South’s varsity group. They’re all going to play and we’re doing it in [a] tournament style.”

We are show choir kids, and you don’t really expect us to be playing football.”

— Matt Stursma

Senior and ATSC member Jenna Liakos is one of the coaches for the football team and helped organize the competition with the other groups. 

“With [COVID-19], some of us were talking to the WIG people and we were just like, ‘Let’s get this going again,’” Liakos said. “Technically, I’m the offensive coordinator, but we don’t really have plays. We kind of just go and we keep everyone in check, make sure there are the right number of people on the field and yell at them not to drop the ball. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a fun bonding [activity].”

Many members of ATSC are involved in the event in different ways, including playing in the seven person team, being a cheerleader or even being part of the band.   

“We have obviously the players, our cheerleaders and we have a band,” Liakos said. “I’m not sure how that came to be, but we have a three or four person band.”

Senior Matt Stursma from Millard North’s Infinity will be playing against ATSC on Saturday. Stursma said he thinks it is an overall funny activity and explained how Millard North got involved.

“About a month ago, Millard West challenged us to a football game against their show choir,” Stursma said. “We were not very prepared, so we thought we would start asking some other schools and basically get some redemption. We also all thought it was a lot of fun so we might as well do it again. I think that this is funny because we are show choir kids, and you don’t really expect us to be playing football.”

Baumann said that he is confident that ATSC is capable of winning the game.  

“We’re going to beat all of them because we’re the best,” Baumann said.