Student Starts Holiday Coloring Trend In Math IMC


Ellie Anglim

Educational Assistant Michelle Hinde showcases the students’ artwork at her desk in the Math IMC.

In the Math IMC, students are often reminded by teachers to work on their homework. If a student is on their phone or talking loudly with friends, they may be asked to leave the IMC. Sophomore Natalie Brownfield said she wanted to work on something other than her homework, so she started printing off and coloring winter holiday pictures. Educational Assistant Michele Hinde has been allowing students to hang their pictures around her desk to showcase their work.

“I just started doing it so I would have an excuse not to do my homework and then people said they wanted to color too,” Brownfield said. “Now everyone does it.” 

Brownfield said many students were wanting to participate in the coloring, which led her to print off dozens of coloring sheets for others to use.

“I started printing off multiple pages at a time so I didn’t have to be constantly running to the printer,” Brownfield said.

Brownfield said that she eventually printed off so many coloring sheets that she ran out of printing privileges. 

“I ran out of printer credits, or whatever that means, so I can’t print anyone pictures,” Brownfield said. 

Brownfield said that she asked Hinde if she could hang her pictures on her desk, which led to other students doing the same. 

“I was coloring so much, I didn’t know where to put [the pictures], so I asked [Hinde] If I could hang it on her desk,” Brownfield said. “Now, every time [students] hang it on her desk, [she says], ‘oh I love it so much, it’s so festive, I love it.’” 

Hinde said that she enjoys seeing the students’ artwork.

“I love when students show me their work, I think that is just so cool,” Hinde said. “I’m always learning something new from my students.” 

Hinde enjoys viewing  the artwork but she also  attempts to have all of the winter holidays being represented within the pictures.

“I think it’s festive,” Hinde said. “I have been trying to make sure I have the students be inclusive of all the holidays so that no one feels left out.”