Consumer Auto Class Offers Unique Opportunities For Students

Once a week, Westside High School students enrolled in the Consumer Auto class visit Meyer’s Complete Auto Repair on 140th and L street. There, the students take part in a lab about different categories in consumer auto. Engineering and technology instructor Tyler Foster, who teaches the Consumer Auto course, explained how the class gained the opportunity and what the lessons entail. 

“Dwayne Meyer, the owner of Meyer’s Auto has partnered with Westside High School for about 20 years,” Foster said. “He works with our students and teaches the lab portion of the class most weeks…When we go to lab he [has] some examples and he’ll show students those examples and talk about the different ways you can increase your vehicle’s performance.”

Foster said that the Consumer Auto course teaches students about important components to buying and repairing vehicles.

“We talk about car insurance, buying and leasing, all the major components of every major system of a vehicle,” Foster said. “What could go wrong, how much it costs to fix them. We want to make sure that as consumers we are well educated so that if something does happen we don’t feel like the mechanic is trying to rip us off.” 

Junior Kody Fast is enrolled in the Consumer Auto course said that he thinks it is beneficial and provides students with an opportunity to learn more about the basics of their vehicle. 

“I think it’s a fun class and I think everyone should try it,” Fast said. “You can learn basic stuff about your car, and it helps with future reference. [It helps you know] what stuff you can do yourself.”